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Devil Fruits you are going for

Share what Devil Fruit you are going/planning to get in the game!

I'm either going for Goro Goro No mi or Mera Mera no mi because they are my favorite elements.

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Now I'm a hypocrite.
And let's leave it at that. I don't want my inbox being filled with arguments... I'd rather have it filled with wiki related stuff...

It was a joke, it was me pouring salt on the wound. I'm not going to carry 1000 pounds because I don't want to, yes... Thats something called 'free will'. I already consider myself to be a somewhat smart guy I get decent grades and all..  But that doesn't mean I gotta act all high and mighty on the site I joined merely to gain more knowledge and socialize for a gaming platform on ROBLOX, if for a good reason I'd attempt to carry that 1000 pounds.. If for a good reason I had to type in perfect grammar on social media to get the point across.. I'd do it. But if its just for the sake of looking smart for a change, then fuck it I'd rather look like a three year old that can already use a laptop, spell correctly 70% of the time because thats something all three year olds appearantly.

I don't recall ever accusing you for always being grammatically correct, but if you're a lowkey closet grammar nazi, the link will always be there for you to sign up and enjoy yourself with your people.

If I have an opinion about something and someone shared the same opionion on me, thats awesome.. Get on the 'we share the same opinion' train and lets become friends, and if that opinion became so liked by everyone whom also shared said opinion thats even better. What your doing is hating on something because a bunch of other people like it, which is plain stupid. Unless you can come up with a legitimate reason to dislike that people go after the obvious better choice then don't say anything at all or you'll be the one to appear dense. 

If you had a choice to fend yourself from a Lion attack would you pick the pencil or the AK47..? The choice should be obvious, if you chose the pencil than you're denser than a black hole.

If someone doesn't appear smart that doesn't mean they aren't.. Smart doesn't have a dress code or in this case a 'type a certain way' code.. I'd suggest expanding your horizon just a wee bit.

You can voice your opinion anytime you want and shouldn't feel the need not to, but when you do it in a way that makes come out as rude and obnoxious is when I'll send you a reply.. The way I read that reminded me of reading those 'Am I the only one' comments on Youtube that really piss me off because they think people will actually give a rats ass about their opinion.. Everyone would obviously go after a logia than a parmecia for Logias are one of the rarest form of devil fruit to get.. If Vetex made Plume spawn rate really low, then yeah.. I could see diversity becoming a thing.. but since we only got 6 devil fruits 2 of which only got 3-4 moves which isn't really good and you compare that to a logia, which is corrently the stronget type of fruit to get in OPGA seeing as though you're pretty much immune to everything.. Of course people would go for the strongest one.. Its just this game isn't the type of game where all the different fruits are balanced.. They're shit devil fruits like Smooth-smooth, decent devil fruits like Chop-chop and Bomb-bomb and good devil fruits like Gum-gum and Kilo-kilo then theres the Over-over powered fruit Plume-plume that 80% of the OPGA population have (That list was opinion only).

Do you have a Tumblr by chance? You vent out like someone who would own a Tumblr account.. If don't why not make one and complain-- I mean voice your opinion there instead.. although I doubt anybody would care.

Anyway, lets not continue this 'chat' of ours and if you wish to continue just hit me up on my message wall.. I'd rather not flood this discussion page with our stubbornness.


=w= I was already writing this before I saw the lastest comment.. but I agree lets stop this.


Oh, I was about to say.


Also you were arguing against your own points a ton in that post...


"but I agree lets stop this."


  • let's.


Okay, that's enough.


And I'm when you call me a grammar Nazi, well, I'm a Wiki admin for a reason.

We're both hypocrites.

I Would reset and Go For pika if it Was added. Tho i think it would have to be Nerfed.Since Borsalino Uses it for Kicking at the Speed of light. And travel At the Speed of light. Basically the Fastest Thing you could have (as nothing is faster than the speed of light, which moves at about 300,000,000 m/s).

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