In One Piece Golden Age, when you open the shop (opened using the V key) a GUI will come up with all the items you can buy, you can also buy accessories for your character, but some accessories require a certain level to use.

Current Accessories in The Shop (With Descriptions) (Pictures Coming Soon)

Scarf - Level 10 - B$40000 - A nice soft scarf.

Top Hat - Level 30 - B$15000 - A nice tall hat, for fancy people.

Straw Hat - Level 30 - B$20000 - A straw hat, much like the one worn by Monkey D. Luffy.

Stetson - Level 30 - B$40000 - A nice hat, similar to the one worn by Portgas D. Ace.

Beanie - Level 30 - B$40000 - A cool looking beanie hat.

Bandana - Level 30 - B$40000 - A cool looking bandana.

Cape - Level 30 - B$40000 - A cool looking cape.

Backpack - Level 30 - B$150000 - A nice looking backpack.

Shades - Level 30 - B$300000 - A nice pair of shades.

Eyepatch - Level 60 - B$20000 - A cool looking eyepatch for brave warriors of the sea.

Cloak - Level 60 - B$300000 - An oversized cloak used as a cape. Seems legit.

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