Combat Gif v2
Type: Melee Based
Melee Level: 1+
Max Melee Stat: 100
Comments: N/A

The most basic form of fighting in the game. Players will commonly upgrade to Swords, FirearmsDevil Fruit PowersBlack Leg Style/Fishman Karate later on.


Melee: Combat [ Melee Level 1 ]

Combat Gif v2

A basic style of fighting that everyone must use at some point in order to get to more advanced fighting styles (except for sniper and sword). Any punch or kick will deal (Melee*2)+6 in damage. A headbutt will deal twice that.

Melee: Last Resort [ Melee Level 10 ]

Last Resort
Last Resort is a useful melee attack used when the HP of the user is below 50%. When the move activates it results in the user throwing a fast barrage of fists at his/her opponent who is inside a close range. This does massive damage and usually kills any enemy outright if they get caught by this move.
TIP: This move is also a good way to raise your melee.

Melee: Guard [ Melee Level 15 ]

Melee: Guard is a technique that locks you in place while raising your arm in a defensive posture. It reduces damage by about 50%, but any attack that gets blocked with this move will end up draining a portion of your stamina. This technique can mitigate damage from both swords and melee attacks.

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