The Witch of the Moon

Several millennia ago, there was once, an outcast, a demon, an evil being and witch. Even though they were called such things, this woman paid no attention to them, due to her believing that she wasn't a servant of dark, but an Arbiter of light. She didn't usually leave her abode, but she needed food. So, risking the mobs of people and crowds, she went to the closest market place. There she met a young man, by the age of 16. Their ages differed, she being but 15 and prided on the half. She approached him, him being a regular citizen, knowing of the stories of her, he ran. When she finally caught up with him, the crowds killed him, accusing him of being a warlock, and brother to the witch. Feeling responsible, she felt sorrow in her love and drowned her own self in the ocean near the town. Her body; never found, yet some sailors have proclaimed seeing a mysterious young woman walking on the seafloor during midnight.

Written by - Randal, the Seeker.

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