One Sword Style
Sword Style
Type: Fighting Style
Blade Level: 1+
Max Blade Stat: 80
Comments: Requires one sword
One Sword Style is a style of fighting that can be used when the player has at least one sword. This is used most commonly by pirates and marines, involving the use of a single bladed weapon.


One Sword Style: Skill [ Blade Level: 1 ]

Sword Style

One Sword Style: Skill in game!

One Sword Style is a One Sword Style skill that can be used when the player has at least one sword. This allows the player to slash their sword. A small amount of Experience is given when the player slashes, and even more is given when the player slashes enemies or other players. The speed and damage of the slash depend on the sword or blade being used. Each individual slash will deal (Blade*4) + the base damage of your first sword.

One Sword Style: Lion's Strike [ Blade Level: 15 ]

OSS Lion Strike

One Sword Style: Lion's Strike in game!

Lion's Strike is a One Sword Style technique that can be performed at blade level 15, and as long as the user has a sword. The user twirls their sword in a circular motion, and then, in a burst of speed, slashes at a single enemy. The user then lands on the other side, with their sword in it's sheathe. The enemy is left with blood spraying out of them, having taken a devastating slash to the chest. This attack deals (Blade*10)+ your sword's base damage x5 in damage.

One Sword Style: Raging Serpent [ Blade Level: 25 ]


One Sword Style: Raging Serpent in game!

Raging Serpent is the third move of the One Sword Style, which allows its user to damage nearby enemies by seemingly teleporting next to each in a consecutive manner while dealing significant damage to each. The attack leaves a green trail, giving imagery to its name. Recommended when faced with a mob of opponents such as Mountain Bandits, Marines, etc. This attack deals (Blade*5)+ your sword's base damage x3 in damage.

This move was nerfed in the latest v2.0 update

Skill Menu

One Sword Style Skills

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