Ok, This page is where I want everyone to search for  FALSE  and/or inaccurate information on this Wikia. Post the link to the Wikia on the bottom here. Only way to keep this site up, is to remove all inaccurate information. So if you even THINK something is a theory or is false information, Please send it here. THANK YOU.

Black Leg Style

Black Leg Style currently states that it will be available only to Humans in the future but I am unsure of the exact source of this information other than that it was apparently given to somebody from a Nova member. - TRUE

Fishman Karate

Fishman Karate currently holds a fair amount of speculation including what level it would be learned at and definitive proof of its future implementation seems a bit unclear. - TRUE (No false info on that page yet )


Blunderbuss is currently stated to do less damage than the Bazooka.- TRUE


Combat currently states that Fishmen have a unique set of animations when using this. - FALSE


Fishmen This page currently states that Fishman Karate will do 10X damage in water but I doubt the accuracy of it considering how massive a buff that would be. - FALSE ( 2x at most )

Two Sword Style

Two Sword Style currently states that 3SS will not be available to DF users, this is likely true but some confirmation would be nice. - TRUE

Devil Fruit

The Devil Fruit page currently lists the future spawn rate for Mythical Zoans and even though I did get this from a Nova member some additional confirmation would ease doubts. - FALSE ( TO EARLY TO TELL )


The Slingshot page currently states that the Slingshot is the slowest of the firearms and easiest to aim with/most accurate ( FALSE )


Currently the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit page states that Gum-Gum Bazooka does about twice the damage of Gum-Gum Pistol (UNKNOWN)


The Scar page states you can get a scar on your face although I've never seen this happen before. - FALSE ( NO SCARS ON FACES )

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