v1.6 Elite swords, forest at back of orange town, Marine recruitment, arrest, some glitches are fixed, and lag decrease.
v1.7 Bomb-Bomb fruit, Waverunner, nerfs, bounty reset fixed, marine ranks, and more.
v1.8 Added point-blank gun damage for NPC gunners, some fixes.
v1.9 *BIG UPDATE* Remade Swimming, changed effects (Smoother and less lag), fixed Bazooka Marines, nerfed Waverunner, patched weapon hacking, fixed boat shop (Press V), removed sailor NPCs, fixed repair options for items, added air meter underwater, DF users can no longer swim, added Naginata to sword shop.
v2.0 Added the first shipwreck, fixed underwater sound bug, added the new ship, added the Kilo-Kilo fruit, slowed NPC animation by 10x; reduces lag by atleast 50%, disabled NPC climbing; reduces lag even more, fixed the sword shop where it required actual level, now just blade level. Fixed boats not docking. Nerfed: 1SS Raging Serpent, White Hammer, Chop-Chop Festival. Balanced Gomu Gomu no Gatling. Bomb-Bomb now takes less stamina for attacks.
v2.5 Level Cap Raise!, Tiger Blossom Sword, Island of Rare Animals, Cannons Shop, Figurehead Shop, bug fixes + reduce lag, Conq's Haki just for admins until grand line, Fighting System redesign.
v2.5+ One Piece Golden Age will be remastered, it will take 1 month for the Demo to be released and another 4 months for the actual game, Stat reset, Devil Fruit reset, Devils Bane wielders will lose the sword, Island expansion, 5 New Devil Fruits, etc.

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