Yo! On Vetex twitter page, he says he will add 5 new fruit.

I think that will be:

-Mera Mera no mi (flame-flame fruit) of Ace (and Sabo)          LOGIA

-Suna Suna no mi (sand-sand fruit) of Crocodile                     LOGIA

-Doru Doru no mi (wax-wax fruit) of Mr 3 (Galdino gold)     PARAMECIA

-Supa Supa no mi (dice-dice fruit) of Mr 1 (Daz Bones)     PARAMECIA

And i do not know but i think many fruits:

-Mogu Mogu no mi (mol mol fruit) of Miss Merry Christmas zoan

-Hito Hito no mi (human human fruit) of Chopper zoan

-Tori Tori no mi model Falcon (Bird-Bird Fruit, Model: Falcon) of Pell       ZOAN

-Inu Inu no mi model Jackal (Dog-Dog Fruit, Model: Jackal) of Chaka      ZOAN

-Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Bison (Ox-Ox Fruit Model Bison) of Dalton        ZOAN

Or most plausible:

Hana Hana no m (Hana hana fruit) of Nico Robin         PARAMECIA

If you have any theories on the fifth DF or doubts about the first 4 cited. Do not hesitate to say I will read all ;)

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