Hi Hi! I'm DataDj, or better known as Djboy. I am creating a game based off of GODs from a lot of the pantheons. This game will be about you ( an inexperienced god ) that has been banished to Earth. You currently on earth will train and survive while earning your reputation and one day hopefully gain strong enough to Transcend back to the Heavens. You and other young Gods/Goddesses will be meeting for the first time... Either as passive.....or aggressive. 

  • At the start of the game you get to select 2 GODs.
  • One god has to be a female, The other the male.
  • These gods will become your parents.
  • Based on which gods you chose you will be given their abilities.
  • You will not get all the abilities from one god.
  • You will have 7 Attribute points to put into your father or mother.
  • Whoever has the most Attribute points into their distribution will give  you the most of their abilities.
  • If you have 5 points into 1 god EX: Zeus, and 2 into EX: Aphrodite.
  • Then you will gain all abilities and future abilities from Zeus along with his Ultimate.
  • However, you will only gain 2 abilities from Aphrodite since you distributed 2 points into her.
  • One day when the game is released there will be an update that you can Descend to HELL!.
  • This is where you would meet Hades.The king of the underworld. In this world, you will fight against even stronger gods.
  • I will eventually add a Heaven that only the top #100 people in the game can go to.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • There will be Customization for your Animations, Shirts, Pants,Power Color. All of this would Increase/Decrease stats.
  • the rank GOD will only be available to those who are #5 and above and will gain something special.

Working on weapon customization

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