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  • IVIoneyDLuffy


    October 11, 2015 by IVIoneyDLuffy

    I don't think the strength of a player should be how high their level is in a certain catagory (Blade, Melee, Sniper, ect) and should be all about skill and such.

    If you still haven't figure it out yet, I'm like the #1 Luffy wannabe, and EVERYONE hated that, that I got RKed on the daily because of it until one day I got passed level 50+ thats when people started actually calling me 'Luffy' or 'Pirate King' and I asked them why they did it and one guy said "Its because you're over level 60". Thats when I marked this game as HighLevel2Win if thats even a thing.

    Like Fairy Tail Online Fighting, people were level 500+ and rekting all over the place and all they had to do was left click once and completely destroy someone.

    Clicking was never so ov…

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