I don't think the strength of a player should be how high their level is in a certain catagory (Blade, Melee, Sniper, ect) and should be all about skill and such.

If you still haven't figure it out yet, I'm like the #1 Luffy wannabe, and EVERYONE hated that, that I got RKed on the daily because of it until one day I got passed level 50+ thats when people started actually calling me 'Luffy' or 'Pirate King' and I asked them why they did it and one guy said "Its because you're over level 60". Thats when I marked this game as HighLevel2Win if thats even a thing.

Like Fairy Tail Online Fighting, people were level 500+ and rekting all over the place and all they had to do was left click once and completely destroy someone.

Clicking was never so over powered.

I think it should be kinda like Naruto RPG (Nindo RPG?), I've been playing that game for quite some time now and still not in the level 400's but I can still fight on par with people who're like, 300 levels above me. 

Not because my Combat Level was (CL, pretty much the main level) was higher or lower but because the way I used my moves and actually strategize other than 'Click. Hope I rekt this scrub' {cough~cough}white out{cough~cough}

I just want to fight someone but not feel guilty for being a higher level, y'know? 

Actual skill should be priotize over level, but I guess level wouldn't be all that important if it worked like that.. I don't know how to solve this kinda thing, I'm just ranting at this point.. wondering if I should publish or not.. Gonna flip a coin.. God dammit.

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