aka Slickback W. Williams

  • I live in Michigan...just know that.
  • I was born on June 1
  • My occupation is Collecting money from my hoes
  • I am a Timelord.
  • PimpNamedSlickBack

    And for the avatar fanboys, no not the order of the white lotus, I'm talking about the REAL white lotus the one created by Bak Mei or in American way called Pai Mei...Not even asain...But I'm talking about the white lotus clan lead by the grandmaster himself. High ranking melees only from 40-100+. If you are planning to join you have to take away your hair, and remake your cloths to a monk-like style but we got diffrent colors for diffrent combat ranks for example..

    40: Orange Robe, Orange belt and orange pants

    50: Orange Robe, Yellow Belt and orange pants

    60: White Robe, Yellow belt and White pants

    70: Red Robe, Black Belt, and Red pants

    80,90,100s: Green robe, red belt, and green pants

    Grandmaster: Black robe, White belt, and black pants

    ..I'm th…

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