Devil Fruits

Can't be seen in the image but the lvl 48 also had a Plume-Plume

From my experience with One Piece Golden Age over these last few days I've seen a surprising trend: Pretty much anyone over level 10 (and sometimes under level 10) has a Devil Fruit of some sort but what bothers me personally even more is the distribution of Devil Fruits. Most people can agree with me when I say that a very large majority of Devil Fruit users all have the Plume-Plume Fruit. This of course has turned what should of been a rare and coveted Devil Fruit into something more common than pennies or water in a rain cloud. I've decided to bring this up so that maybe an admin will read this and bring it up with Vetex. So here is the question for you guys: Are Devil Fruits too common in the game as is (particularly Plume-Plume) or is the game fine as it is in terms of Devil Fruits? Please let me know your thoughts guys.

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